A peak into my insanity (AKA my closet)

Clothes and hidden shoes
More clothes
Clothes that I try on and don’t like in the mornings
Each hanger in my closet has about 5 or 6 things on it

One of my goals that I listed on Wednesday was to take a picture of my closet. Everything right now is still in my smaller closet, as I haven’t moved everything into my future closet (I want to get it ready first). By the way, I also have clothes in the laundry room, in my dresser and in my bedroom (in baskets).

A lot of you said you couldn’t believe that it could be THAT bad. Take a look at those pictures! It’s a huge mess. I’m ashamed. I promise the rest of my house is not that dirty by the way.

As some of you know, I used to be a manager at a clothing retail store, so that’s where the insanity began. After bringing home hundreds and hundreds worth of dollars of clothes a month from my store alone, this led to me having a huge problem (of course). I used to have a really big shopping problem, but I have definitely toned that down quite a lot.

What I own (and a peak into my insanity):
Dresses: 57
Skirts: 23
Shorts: 4
Long sleeves/sweaters/cardigans: 28
Jackets/hoodies: 13
Blazers: 5
Coats: 4
Short sleeves/tanks/etc: 46+
Dress pants: 9
Jeans: 8
Sweatpants: 7


I don’t wear a lot of the things in my closet. Which is sad. I get tired of things very easily. You’ll also notice that I don’t own a single T-shirt. I’m weird and I think they’re extremely uncomfortable. I also don’t wear jeans a whole lot either. I need to get rid of those.

I guess I should talk about shoes also.
  • Heels: 23
  • Boots: 5
  • Flats: 12
  • Athletic shoes: 2
  • Sandals/flip flops: 11


There are obviously a lot of things that I need to get rid of. I usually bring my clothes up to a local consignment shop every month or 2 because I’m trying to slowly get rid of my clothes. But I think I’m going to try and sell a ton of things today or tomorrow. Do any of you ever sell your clothes to a shop?

My plan is to get rid of more than half of what I have. I’ve already sold some, but not entirely enough.

A lot of the stuff in my closet are things that I probably shouldn’t have bought. “Trendy” items that I’ve only worn once or twice definitely overtake my closet. I need to buy more for quality than what I’ve been doing in the past.


How does your closet compare? Someone please tell me that they are worse. Over the next week, I plan on doing a major overhaul with everything in my closet. I’m going to purge as much as I can. I’ll keep you all updated!

Does anyone have a minimalist wardrobe?

P.S. I should also mention that I took these pictures this week, and I’ve already sold probably 50 items in the past month.

EDIT: There is now a post on my blog about Maintaining a Minimalist Wardrobe.


  1. hklover86 says

    Thats a crazy amount of clothes! lol You could definitely make some cash on those by selling to a used clothing store.

  2. says

    Okay… I'm not worse… but that's only because I decluttered about 6 months ago. Hahaha! But it's OK to have a lot of clothes if you are happy with it. I started realizing that I wasn't wearing 1/2 of what I owned, and that's when I knew I needed to do something. Even now, I am trying to cull what's good and what's not. My dream is to have a small, chic wardrobe filled with what I love and wear. But I've tried to be a minimalist and failed, so I definitely need all 4 of my black sheath dresses.

  3. says

    My closet is not worse. Mainly because I have to a) share it with my husband and b) declutter regularly. However, I have a friend who makes your closet look clean and organized. She has so much stuff that her father had to reinforce the bar for the hangers, the doors don't close, and she gets attacked by falling shoe boxes on a regular basis. Her husband can't convince her to get rid of anything. I have never met someone with so much stuff in my life.

  4. says

    You are a genius. Seriously. Genius. I am so getting a really large coffee and doing this. I’d be interested to know how much stuff I have, because its overflowing my closet. And I still always feel like I have nothing to wear! haha oh to be a girl. Do yall have platos closet anywhere near you? it is a consignment shop that will take a look at clothes you don’t want and pay you money for anything they want to take and sell. I usually bring stuff there and then onto goodwill!

  5. Becky R says

    Hi! I think your closet is bigger than my bedroom. My bedroom is 10' 6" x 6' 6", and I have no closet. So I bought an armoire that I have squeezed into my room.I have:2 pairs dress shoes (one heel, one flat), both black1 pair sneakers1 pair everyday shoes (for fall and winter)1 pair sandals (for spring and fall)1 pair snow boots (these don't fit in my closet)4 bras14 pairs each of socks and underwear2 pairs jeans2 pairs capri's2 pairs shorts4 skirts2 pairs dress pants (only one pair fits though)14 t-shirts (I live in t shirts and jeans)7 nicer shirts7 church shirts2 hooded sweatshirts2 sets pj's4 pairs casual / workout type pants1 slip1 pair pantyhose2 flannels that were my brothers (he passed away 2 years ago)Even with just these my armoire is full.I do need some new t-shirts as about 90% have a stain somewhere, but otherwise I am good.I work from home (in home daycare) and clean homes so I don't need dressy clothes except for church and going out (which I don't do often.) I also hate shopping, so I try to avoid stores at all costs.Hopefully soon you will have a great after photo of your closet.

  6. says

    I hate shopping, especially for clothes. Our closet and dresser are dominated by my husbands clothing! I own 5 t-shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of sweatpants, 1 pair of sneakers, 4 hoodies, 1 coat and a pair of heels I use for weddings & funerals lol (plus all the socks, undies, bras, etc). I'm definitely not trendy, just a jeans & tee kinda girl. My husband on the other hand loves to shop and probably had 10x the amount of each item I do. Although he has a dress code for work and I do not…

  7. says

    I have no T shirts either because I pretty much hate them. They are not flattering at all. That's a lot of clothes. Lucky you have a big closet. Sometimes I look at my closet and shoes and think why do I have all of this? I'm trying to be more selective about what I buy these days.

  8. says

    My close is the exact same!! HAHA it's like looking into a mirror. So funny you posted this because I was gonna do a segment on my closet as well! I need to seriously get rid of some stuff because like you, I have about 5 to 6 shirts on one hanger, so I literally cannot even see what I own. It's horrible. My problem started when I was in high school and worked purely for my own pleasure spending and of course, that was on clothes. So now I'm pretty much a clothes hoarder. I have three trash bags to take to consignment shops but I need to clean them and iron them! Oh the agony.

  9. says

    Wow… that it rather chaotic! It must take you forever to get dressed in the morning! I do have a fairly minimalist wardrobe…8x underwear11x socks3x tights2x bras2x pj bottoms2x tank tops2x nice tops3x tshirts2x cardigans1x sweater2x long sleeved shirts3x sweatshirts1x skirt1x shorts (will go up to 3 this summer)1x jeans7x dresses2x rain jackets1x winter coat3x gloves5x scarves1x swimsuit29x pieces of jewelry5x shoes…but the exact number fluctuates according to my weight and whether or not I've seen my sisters lately :). I try to keep it below 100 pieces total. It works for my current situation quite well, but when I graduate I'll have to buy more professional clothes.

  10. says

    WOWSERS!!!! Being that I hate fashion and shopping for clothes, I don't have nearly the collection that you do. I'm also the antithesis of a packrat, so if I don't wear/use something, it gets purged from our home. I don't know the exact numbers of what I have, but it's certainly wayyyyy less than this. Good luck with organizing it all! If I lived closer, I would come help you!

  11. says

    I recently got rid of about 30 items in my closet (as part of my Declutter Challenge) and it felt GREAT! I can actually see what I own and even found a few treasures that i had forgot I had. Good luck in your purging and I hope you discover a few treasures in the process, too.

  12. says

    It's messy but there's hope!! You saw my closet cleanout right? I bet if you put everything on uniform hangers, and organize into categories, it will look much neater. Plus it's huge! There's definitely some underutilized space in there :). I'll be checking for the after pictures!

  13. says

    I am so jealous that you have a closet! My bedroom doesn't and I have to manage with a dresser and an ikea wardrobe. I have a serious shopping problem too and understand the addiction. Good Luck with your downsizing!

  14. Daisy says

    Oh my goodness! You have so many clothes!!! I'm sure you can go a whole year without repeating an outfit. Good for you on selling them :)

  15. says

    I guess you've seen my closet. It's not worse, but only because I lack the space and have to box up out-of-season clothes to have space for the in-season clothing. No fun when half the hangers are occupied by summer shirts and it's 20F degrees outside!

  16. says

    Gosh, I think the first step is always the hardest! I have a lot of clothes to sell/donate as well. A lot of the shops around here are very picky so I will probably end up donating the whole lot. But that's a-ok with me since it will be out of my hands. I hope taking pictures was motivating! I bet you'll have a very organized closet soon.

  17. says

    Wow, girl, you do have a lot of stuff. I don't know if you have it in your area but Plato's Closet could be a good place to try to sell some stuff. Good luck! On the other note, I do own plenty of shoes myself(and I'm a SAHM:))

  18. says

    Hahaha I think we are twinsies. My closet is pretty messy, and probably a bit worse than yours. My shoes are all over the place… in the downstairs closet, different rooms.. ahh. If I took an inventory it would take forever. I have way more boots than heels but it's funny because I don't wear boots in summer here in SD LOL! I'm thinking we should all do a clothing swap – this way we can get new clothes but also get rid of our clothes! I wonder if someone could organize it? I would love to if I had a bit more time, maybe in a month or so though! Plus I'd like to take pics of everything I want to donate or sell. If I can trade them, that would be awesome too. What do u think?!

  19. says

    That is actually insane, ive never seen so many clothes, you shouldn't ever have to shop again, EVER lol good luck with the sale, be ruthless you'll not regret it!

  20. says

    I have way too many clothes for my lifestyle, and I plan to cut down to those that I wear continuously. My closet is a little neater since I already cut out a bunch of stuff, shoes in particular, but I do need to downsize again!

  21. says

    I'm actually jealous of your closet. So many things to wear! Seems like you're making good progress in the closet purge though.

  22. says

    Spring cleaning must be in the air! I'm cleaning out my closet right now as well. I'm jealous of how much space and clothes you have! I have a quarter of that space. Jeff and I have a standard 6 ft closet that we share, but I don't even fill that. Sooo..what size are you? You can send me all those clothes you don't need 😉 Us Michelles gotta help each other out…haha!

  23. says

    And I thought *I* had a lot of clothes!I've sold old stuff to second-hand stores in the past and actually made a decent amount of money doing it. Lately I've been donating stuff, but I have about 10 old dresses that are still in great shape that I'd love to try to sell.Oh, and that hounds tooth coat in pictures 1 & 3? Love it!!

  24. says

    Ha! I would love to have your closet (mess and all)! I have a lot of clothes, but a lot of them are from 20 pounds ago and don't fit me. I haven't given up the good fight and gotten rid of them yet, though.

  25. says

    You are so brave for posting these pictures of your closet! :)I did a closet clean out last year, and now I think it's time for another one! There are a lot of things that I simply don't reach for.

  26. says

    yes I'd say mine is worse! so proud of you! I have been trying to get rid of clothes/SHOES because at the end of the month I'm moving into a place with one closet instead of 2! It's hard for me to do since everything I look at I tell myself I will wear it again. (& I probably won't)

  27. says

    You're not alone! Although I don't have as many as you, I go on Forever 21 splurges every couple months. The clothes never last and then I have a bunch of sh*t clothes laying all over the place. I also need to start shopping for quality over trendy… bravo for choosing to make a change!

  28. says

    My closet was the same. I moved out from my apartment with my hubby so I had to downsize. I donated 3 or 4 bags of clothes that I had not used in years. And I know my parents got rid of 2 to 3 bags of clothes when I moved out to college. I have been good the past six months. Other than some boots this Christmas, pair of jeans, 3 blouses, I haven't bought anything.

  29. Lynn says

    I bought a used Pax Ikea wardrobe and after a good purging, I can get all of my clothes in there. I always had too many clothes and never seemed to wear them because they always got lost in the junk pile — you could never see what you had! The wardrobe keeps the place looking neat and I can find what I'm looking for now in the morning without losing time.

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