How I plan on upping our curb appeal

How I plan on upping our curb appealI’m sick today. Everything hurts, help! I bought medicine last night but lets see how well that will work. I also had to leave class around 1.5 hours early last night because my body ached so bad. Why am I always sick lately!? My sister told me the other day that she had strep throat, and she then coughed all over me and took a sip of my drink, so I’m afraid that I might have that.

I really cannot get sick right now. I have no time for that.

Anyways, right now we have no curb appeal. If I showed you a picture of the front of my house, you would probably laugh. When the weather is nice, our grass still doesn’t grow. We have branches and twigs all over our yard as well. We don’t leave the branches and the twigs there, they seriously form over night. Hopefully our neighbors don’t hate us.

Our house is also pushed a little further back than the rest of the houses on our block, so all the leaves also get pushed into our yard. Which makes us a little angry because we (ok the BF) rakes all the time.

We also have a big pile of branches on the side of our house that we have collected. We need to get rid of that. We asked our trash company to take it and paid extra money for them to take it as well, and when the day came, they didn’t take it. I actually watched the trash-men look through our branch trash and they picked certain twigs out. They did this even though the trash company said they would already take it. Now our trash company has been switched 2 or 3 times since the past year, and we can never manage to talk to any sort of customer service. So it’s still just sitting in the corner. Luckily no one can see this corner from the street.

What I want to do:
  1. Add plants. We don’t have any plants in our yard either (besides trees, dead grass and some dead bushes). I would like to add some nice plants and preferably plants that are natural in our area. We have a garden area already set up in front of our house, and sometimes things grow, and sometimes they don’t. I would love to plan some pretty flowers there. Anyone have gardening tips?
  2. I would also like some sort of lit walkway. Not an absurd amount of lights, but something nice.
  3. Green grass. We threw grass seed on our grass last year and that worked great, but we still have bald spots that won’t seem to grow. Help?
  4. Red front door. Right now our front door is white. I really want to paint it red. I’m also kind of leaning towards yellow. Not sure yet, what do you think?
  5. Put a fresh coat of white paint on our shutters. We would of course definitely have to power wash these, as they are super dirty.

If you recently did a bunch of things to redo your yard, how much did you spend? What did you do? I don’t even really know where to begin. I know we’ll most likely head to Lowes or Home Depot, but where can I find the best prices?

I’m not sure what we’ll make the budget for all of this to be. Last year we spent around $75 on flower seeds (which did NOT grow), mulch and grass seed. For some reason I can never get flowers to grow, any tips? If you know of any amateur sites that describe any/some of the things that I had a question about, please share! Also, of course we know that the total this year will be over $75, but I would like to set some type of budget. Maybe $500? I’m not sure.

What do you plan on doing to make the outside of your house look nicer?



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    I hope that you are feeling better soon!What climate zone are you in? Shady areas or sunny? If you pick out "native plants" they as a rule do pretty good since you don't have to baby them. You might need to dig in and mix around some peat moss when you plant flowers. I don't have much luck growing many flowers from seed. Birds eat them, my dog steps on them, husband rakes them thinking they are a row of weeds! :PI love to putz around the yard!

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    Hope you feel better :)I love to see lots of colors and plants in my garden, too bad I'm very bad in gardening! I'm lucky that my husband likes it and he take care of it!!!! Otherwise I would have to go with a desert landscaping!!

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    I hope you feel better soon.Our front yard needs some work too. The lilac bushes are too tall and several of our sedum plants died. I've got to figure out what to plant in the blank areas…

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    Oh my gosh our house needs to be on that Curb Appeal show. The girl who owned it before us didn't trim a bush or do ANYTHING the whole 5 years she lived there. She also dumped all her grass clippings in the bushes. So we had a lot of work to do last fall, and we're still nowhere NEAR done. Maybe we should do a curb appeal link up with all our improvements!P.s. Feel better lady!

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    First off, feel better!Second, I vote a red front door! I have a burgundy red and my parents have a pretty version of what I have it. I think it adds something extra without going too far out of the box.

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    Feel better soon!I'm not sure if this type of plant will work where you are, but there's a type of Geranium called a Rozanne, it's a gorgeous shade of purple and INCREDIBLY hardy. They don't get terribly tall, but they spread out and get viney, so you can shape them to the garden area. Plus they're perennials, so you don't have to replace them every year. I have a few in one of my front gardens, and I want to get more this year. You need to make sure you keep them watered while they're getting established, but after that as long as there isn't a drought or anything they seem to just take care of themselves!You can see pictures of mine here : here :

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    Adding color to the front door is a great way to change the whole face of the house. I always like dark earth tones. But on the right house red can look really good.

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    Well I don't know anything about gardening to give you tips, but I think it's a great idea. It's a cheap way to increase the value of your home and keep you happy each time you come home to it. Plus it sounds like a good hobby to give you breaks from the stress in your life. I like the idea of a bright colored door too.

  9. Daisy says

    I have always wanted a red door for my house! If you use fertelizer and the plant the seeds and keep it moist. Hope it helps! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

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    Oh, get better, dear!! And I love the topic you started. We really need some help the front of our yard. Can't wait to read everyone's replies!

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    I LOVE the idea of a red front door! I just think it makes the whole house look cute. We almost bought a house the other day because I adored the red front door. Also, lights are a great idea…they brighten any garden! (excuse the awful pun, lol.)

  12. bax says

    Cut the dead spots out with a sod cutter, buy sod rolls, get it done early this spring so that it looks good. Or spray paint.

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    We did all new landscaping last spring for the front of our house and with probably about 10 plants, we only spent about $200. As far as flowers go, just buy them instead of trying to grow them because it's a lot easier! For the bald patches in your yard, try tilling those little areas, throw in some seed, cover with straw and water it. That should help! But I have a few of those areas too and I'm not sure why. I love landscaping and gardening, so if you ever need help or have questions, let me know!!

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    Great tips! I suppose I don't have to worry about giving my house curb appeal since I'm not a home owner yet. But when I am… I will definitely have this post in mind.XO,SWEATshirt DRESSshir thttp://sweatshirtdressshirt.blogspot.comP.S. Get well soon!

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    Nice photos. I wish I would have something similar to post on my site! :) We live in a condo, so everything is being taken care for us. But if we ever get a house, I would want come colorful plants and flowers around out driveway and on a front lawn, and oh well… all around.

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    Oh boy, I could write for a while on this subject. When I bought my house it was in foreclosure. For 5 years prior the yard had seen no work. You know how you go down a row of manicured homes, then see one that the dandelions start at and spread outward from? I bought that house. First I tried pulling the weeds out, then I just ended up tearing all of the sod up and putting seed down. Sod is much faster because the grass is already growing, but seed is cheaper. I've basically spent the last 2 summer building my own sod out of grass seed, cheap top soil/bagged manure, and grass clippings. I dug up a strip along my sidewalk, made a stone edge down one side, and I've planted herbs between the stone and the sidewalk. It was all clay in there, so I mixed in some cheap top soil along with stuff from the kitchen like dried egg shells/tea leaves/coffee grounds. I also have a couple terracotta pots that I put out with edible plants in them. This year I'm going to put a strip of herbs up the other side of the sidewalk, do some stone work around my tree, and probably repaint my porch.For the dead patch, I'd dig it up, put some topsoil down, and reseed it. They're probably something in the dirt there that's killing the grass.If you're looking to do it cheap, stay flexible. I found Canadian tire was pretty good when it came to gardening supplies. $2 for a bag 10 or 15L bag of top soil. If you need fertilizer for gardening, save your egg shells and pick up some used coffee grounds for free from your closest Starbucks. I picked up a pallet of trim work stones for free from a demolition site that needed to get rid of them. I saw them at Home Depot for $2.50 a piece the next summer; it was easily $500-$1000 worth of stones. If you have a Habitat for Humanity Reuse store near you I'd check them out too. They're really cheap, you just have to be flexible with your vision. Check out kijiji and Freecycle too.

  17. debtgirl says

    Hope you feel better soon!!I have a patio so no real curb appeal, but in the spring I plan on planting some new flowers.I do plan on doing a little facelift for my tub surround in my place though if the price is reasonable.

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