My Bucketlist, and a little depressing tidbit about my Dad…

I’ve seen some other bloggers do this, and I thought this was a great idea! There are a lot of things I want to do in life. My dad is my inspiration for most of my goals in life, I wish he was here still. I still vividly remember the day that we watched The Bucket List at the movie theater together, just me and him. It was probably the most depressing day of my life, because the movie is about two older men who are dieing and they set out to do a list together.

When we watched this movie, it was just about a month before my dad passed from cancer. He couldn’t even sit in the theater chair or his wheelchair because he was always so sick and uncomfortable and he eventually had to lay of the movie theater ground. I still remember people watching and staring and calling us crazy, and I just wanted to hit all of them. Anyways, he loved the movie, and he accomplished so many things on his bucket list. He traveled pretty much EVERYWHERE and did everything. I have so many photo albums as proof of his adventures. I probably have hundreds on completely packed and huge albums. Anyways, here I go:

What’s on your list? Are yours similar to mine?


  1. Live Simply- Live We says

    One of mine is to go to bora bora. The other is to give something huge…like a new car to someone who needs it, but do it anonymously

  2. says

    That is a great bucket list. I definitely think the whole throw-a-dart-and-go-there goal is on my bucket list. Even though it was a hard time to watch that movie, it is a great one and I am sure your father enjoyed it and the quality time with you.

  3. says

    Oh, this is a beautiful post! Your dad sounds incredible and very special.You are right to remind us to grab life and not waste it.ALL THE TRAVEL GOALS SOUND GREAT TO ME!One of my 101 goals is to make AN ULTIMATE LIFE LIST which is a bucket list. Sft x

  4. says

    I am sorry that at the holidays you are missing your dad. But try to remember what a great love for life he gave you. What a great memory. Lying down at the theater! I would like to walk the great wall of China before I die. Among other things.

  5. says

    Amazing bucket list. I'm sorry about your dad, but I am sure he is watching over you and is very proud of you.My bucket list is traveling – Japan, Europe, Australia, Shanghai, Thailand, Guam.

  6. says

    Holidays can be tough without the ones you love. I guess my bucket list isn't very big… but I would love to visit Ireland again someday and spend A LOT of time there instead of just a week.

  7. says

    I want to slap those people in the theatre too, and I wasn't even there. I'm sorry to hear about how your dad was treated, but I'm very happy to hear that you got to spend some time together and that he managed to tick everything off his bucket list :) I haven't put together a proper bucket list, even though I should. I've knocked one of the items that would have been on there off the list (backpack through Europe), and one of the items on your list will be on my list as well (visit Carnival).

  8. says

    People can be so insenstive! It's lovely that you have great memories of your dad and that you took him to the pictures even though he was not well, so many people would have just not gone.I've done most of my bucket list except the travel, which I hope to start soon.

  9. says

    This is the sweetest thing I have ever read! I'm sorry about your father and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I think a bucket list is an amazing idea for everyone who still has time to accomplish them. (: Merry Christmas.

  10. The Happy Homeowner says

    Love this! My list is so long that I made it a permanent page on my blog…haha. I love crossing things off of it!!

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