How I Conquered My Fear and Went Rock Climbing Outdoors in Joshua Tree National Park

My First Outdoor Rock Climbing Experience With Cliffhanger Guides at Joshua Tree National ParkHello everyone and happy Friday! Today I’m going to stray a little from my usual weekly update post. I’ve decided that I would like to start going more in depth about certain eventful days in my life, and here is the first one.

Yes, I am a personal finance blogger, but life isn’t all about money, and yes, you can enjoy life while still being responsible with money.

Recently, I published the post 8 Things To Stop Being Afraid Of So You Can Be Rich, Happy, And Successful. Well, one of my big fears lately has been a fear of heights, mainly related to rock climbing.

As most of you know, around one month ago I started indoor rock climbing. Rock climbing is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m THAT person who is terrified of falling to my death. [Read more…]

8 Things To Stop Being Afraid Of So You Can Be Rich, Happy, And Successful

8 Things To Stop Being Afraid Of So You Can Be Rich, Happy, And SuccessfulEveryone is afraid of something. However, it’s how you approach that fear that really matters. If you hide from your fear then you may be holding yourself back.

This can then lead to regret later.

Whether you are wanting to tackle your debt, you want to leave a job you hate, you want to travel the world, and so on, you need to overcome the fears associated with these goals in order to have a successful life.

If you are fearful of something, then having an action plan can help you overcome your fear. You most likely don’t just want to jump into anything big without a plan. I’m all about game plans :)

Below are 10 things you should stop being afraid of so that you can be rich, happy, and successful (or whatever you want to be!). I have also included some of your fears below that some of you shared with me on Twitter recently. [Read more…]

Five Ways to Stay Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

By Scott Josephs, M.D., National Medical Officer, Cigna

As health costs continue to rise, you may be wondering if it’s possible to stay healthy and save money. You’re not alone. A national survey from Cigna found that more than three out of four consumers fear health costs could jeopardize their chances of a secure retirement. Forty-four percent worry that costs will hinder their ability to pay for their child’s college education. [Read more…]